What Makes Us Unique

We do not chemically treat any of our water sources.

We offer a complete mineral and spring water line. With three distinct water sources, we bottle magnesium-silica rich mineral water, magnesium-lithia rich mineral water, and our naturally alkaline spring water.

Magnesium-Lithia Mineral Water

The first mention of this healing spring has been dated to 1836, when the mineral water was first sold to the general public. It was used as a therapeutic aid and Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sisi, is said to have enjoyed the water so much that she had the water shipped directly to her residence.

Magnesium-Silica Mineral Water

For nearly 200 years, people all over Europe have been enjoying the water that is sourced from the Crown Magnesia spring. Over the years there have been numerous studies and articles that mention the exceptional properties of this refreshing mineral water.

Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

SiSi Spring, which is available as both soft sparkling and still, is a distinctive spring water from a natural water source with low mineralization and low natural sodium content. This water is exceptionally suitable for everyday drinking.

Naturally Filtered

We bottle the water Mother Nature has naturally filtered through sedimentary rocks, which removes iron and other impurities, to ensure it is 100% safe to consume. We deliver pure, crystal clear water straight from the source to your table.