Minerals are Essential for Health and Wellbeing

Minerals aren’t naturally produced in the body and, therefore, most people are mineral deficient. Many foods and drinks are processed which removes elements, like natural magnesium and calcium. It’s important to replenish these minerals with a balanced diet.

Pure mineral water is an excellent way to replenish minerals that are depleted during daily activities.


Magnesium helps the body to stay in good physical and mental condition. It’s essential for the proper functioning of the nerve system, heart and skeletal muscles. Magnesium’s most important role is to help produce energy by aiding in the processing of food and glucose.


Silica is the second most common element found in nature, and one of the most important trace elements within your body.


Potassium helps maintain the balance between the acidic-basic balance in the body and ensures the removal of waste substances.


Lithium can help reduce the effects of stress and depression, and it’s believed that lithium can help decrease the formation of cardiac and vascular circulatory diseases. Very few water springs contain naturally occurring lithium.


Sodium regulates the distribution of body fluids and helps maintain an acidic-basic balance. Naturally occurring sodium is vital in restoring balance to the body.


Calcium helps maintain healthy and strong bones, assisting in the prevention of osteoporosis. It also helps maintain proper heart functions and is necessary for blood clotting and maintaining muscle and nerve transmissions.

Our Natural Mineral and Spring Water is Tested Regularly

We don’t artificially process or filter any of our water, preferring to let Mother Nature filter it naturally with sedimentary rocks. We deliver pure, untouched water. However, we employ a number of tests to ensure that we’re always providing safe water to our customers. All of our water sources are located in government-protected natural areas and our bottling adheres to strict quality and safety requirements outlined in HACCP—an approach to food safety that is systematic and preventative.