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This bottled water is very refreshing compared to any other water I have tasted. I highly recommend others to try this water if you're looking to stay hydrated and needs energy to stay focus throughout your busy day.
- Jv Du

Dr. Matthew Posa

Great product that not only nourishes the body but has the mineral and magnesium content so desperately required by our bodies. I love that it is alkaline so it can help our bodies function in optimal conditions. Love the water and will continue to recommend it to patients. Dr. Matthew Posa
- Dr. Matthew Posa

Saif Siraji

Best tasting mineral water. It felt so refreshing! I did not know about this company before but once I tried their water I feel in love with it. From now on I will only get water from this brand.
- Saif Siraji

Seth Barrett

I'm a sully subscriber!! I get my Suliner dose daily and it does wonders. Firmly find my mind is more clear and focused. Happy to have found this and prefer it to all other mineral waters I've tried to date #ROYALMINERALWATER all day!
- Seth Barrett

Marco Muizo

Magnesia is fantastic. Refreshing and different from any other waters I've tried.
- Marco Muizo

Driven By Design

Crown Magnesia is my favorite
- Driven By Design

Frankie Hollywood

The best!!!
- Frankie Hollywood

Feel the Difference

Very nice water. Got Crown Magnesia when shopping in Starsky over the weekend and was surprised that you can feel the difference.
- Katarina

Love Crown Suliner

Magic water. Love Crown Suliner. I read on their website is good after long night, never thought something like this can exists. Then I tried yesterday, after Saturday party in downtown just one bottle of Suliner. I couldn't believe it, really worked out after not even 30 min I didn't have any headache , was ready to eat everything . Should be special section in LCBO with this water thought. Really recommending to try it.
- Anthony Konstantinidis

Excellent Mineral Waters

I tried Crown Magnesia and Sisi - both are excellent mineral waters!
- Septi
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