Silica-rich mineral water promotes a healthy lifestyle and has been shown to help remove aluminum from the brain.

Silica-Rich Water

Silica is the second most common element in nature and one of the most important trace elements. Within your body, Silica plays an important role. It’s capable of binding water and can create chains with many other compounds, making them stronger by providing a more solid structure.

Silica is essential for the proper functioning of body cells and tissues and for the synthesis of vitamin B1 in the human body. It also helps to control the transmission of nerve impulses and it helps to strengthen bones.

Silica Water Health Benefits:

  • Can help protect against osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Supports the immune system and promotes wound healing
  • Can help rejuvenate the body and protect against the formation of wrinkles
  • Can help reduce the risk of heart problems
  • Can help protect against allergies
  • Beneficial towards the formation of bones, skin, nails and hair
  • Can help maintain strength of blood vessels and increase their flexibility