The superior mineralization and properties of Crown Suliner is a result of the superb location of the spring, which is surrounded by the Mountains consisting of the Eocene (pre-historic) clay stones and sandstone rocks.

The water is naturally carbonated directly from the source and has a high content of naturally occurring magnesium, with 100% of recommended daily intake per bottle. Due to its origin, location and mineral content, it has beneficial and positive effects on many health problems of a human body.

The water of Crown Magnesia originates from protected underground water spring from a borehole, which is about 577 ft. deep. The water has its specific mineralization and natural carbonation due to the mineral composition of the hydrogeological structure of High Tatras Mountains.

Crown Magnesia is a rich source of Natural Magnesium, containing almost 80% of recommended daily intake of magnesium per bottle. It also contains higher amounts of calcium, silica and other minerals.

SiSi water is the perfect water for everyday consumption. Bottled straight at the source—this true spring water provides the ultimate balance of taste and refreshment.We offer our mountain spring water still or soft sparkling. Both options are perfect for everyday consumption to keep your body hydrated and revitalized.