Perfect Companion to a Meal & to Replenish Your Body

Good water has taste, and Crown Suliner is filled with flavor. Our water is infused with naturally occurring minerals like magnesium and lithium, which provides refreshing and full-flavored water for any occasion. It is the exceptional combination of these minerals and trace elements that give our mineral water its beneficial properties and unique taste.

Our 100% natural carbonation results in a soft sparkling water that’s easy on the stomach and aids in digestion. Naturally occurring sodium helps to replenish electrolytes after a night of drinking.

Mineral Composition

  • Naturally occurring Magnesium and Lithium
  • 100% naturally carbonated
  • Alkaline mineral content


The superior mineralization and properties of Crown Suliner is a result of the superb location of the spring, which is surrounded by the Mountains consisting of the Eocene (pre-historic) clay stones and sandstone rocks.

The water is naturally carbonated directly from the source and has a high content of naturally occurring Magnesium, with about 78% of recommended daily value in 750 ml.

The water is naturally carbonated directly from the source and has a high content of naturally occurring Magnesium, with about 77% of recommended daily value in 750 ml. Due to its origin, location and mineral content it has beneficial and positive effects on many health problems of a human body.

Source of Important Minerals

Rich in Naturally Occurring Magnesium

100% Natural Carbonation

Alkaline Environment

Best Uses

Mineral composition which is perfect for

  • Regular replenishment of valuable minerals
  • Increasing energy by sport or when needed
  • Helps with concentration by study and work
  • Helps with deficiency of Magnesium
  • Helps to cope with stress
  • Good after excessive food consumption and digestive problem


Had few drinks? After a drink or two, it is always good to drink Crown Suliner to help bring back the balance in the body.

Even small amount of alcohol causes that the body loses its balance and has to increase internal activities to eliminate it. This process burdens human body, which looses important minerals, and the body gets in some form of imbalance.

The composition of Crown Suliner helps to deliver essential minerals and trace elements that human body has lost as a result of this process and helps to stabilize stomach.

Crown Suliner contains 100% natural carbon dioxide, which is very soft, does not irritate stomach and helps the human body better manage digestion in stressful conditions.

Recommended daily value to drink about 2-4 glasses. Crown Suliner is not suitable by hypertension and during the first trimester of pregnancy.