Experience the refreshing and bold flavour of natural European Mineral water in your home.

Royal Mineral Water sources high-quality mineral water from Mother Nature’s underground springs in the High Tatras Mountains of Slovakia. From three ancient locations along the range, we bottle our water to capture all that these majestic mountains have to offer.

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Our History

Mineral water from the Crown Suliner spring has been consumed for more than 170 years. In 1843, the European public was enthralled with the exceptional properties of the mineral spring and the water was used as a therapeutic agent.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sisi, enjoyed the water so much that she had it shipped to her directly from the spring.

Minerals are Essential for Health

Minerals are essential to maintain a healthy body as they aid in many necessary daily functions. Minerals are important for the growth, development and proper functioning of internal organs, muscles and bones. They are just as important as vitamins, but unfortunately don’t get as much attention.


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