Authentic Alkaline Mineral Water

From deep within the High Tatras Mountains, we source our magnesium-rich mineral water to balance your body.

Good Water has Taste;
Crown Suliner is Full of Flavor

Bold and full of life. Every sip brings you new flavour and restores balance to your body and life.

Refuel Your Body After a Night of Drinking

Our soft sparkling mineral water counteracts the dehydration caused by alcohol.

Healing Minerals

This spring is known throughout Slovakia as the “Natural Healing Water Source” for its specific mineral composition.

Alkaline Water Benefits

Even the smallest amounts of alcohol can create chaos and dehydration in your body. With Crown Suliner’s blend of magnesium, lithium and natural sodium, you can replenish missing minerals and restore your body’s natural balance.

Playing sports and participating in other strenuous activities takes a toll on your body. Essential elements are expelled and must be replenished with mineral water—regular bottled water and sports drinks filter out these vital minerals. 

Magnesium has a significant and positive impact on a person’s focus and concentration. Plus, magnesium helps restrict the release of stress hormones and helps regulate cortisol levels—helping to prevent memory loss and brain fog.


The superior mineralization of Crown Suliner is from the Eocene (pre-historic) clay stones and sandstone that infuse our water.

70% of recommended daily intake of magnesium

3.25 ppm of lithium

Natural alkalinity

12% of recommended daily intake of calcium

Crown Suliner should be not consumed during pregnancy or if you have a history of hypertension.